Why I Love Thanksgiving


Tere early morning


I can disagree, peacefully or otherwise, with anyone I want. About anything I want. First there is the freedom to do so, but just as much is the knowledge to do so.

Not long ago we brought in someone to teach the Mayan Hands women ways to relieve and prevent the pain from their wrists to their necks that they were getting from making baskets or weaving. The most striking response came from the women who said thank you, that they only knew what they learned in their homes, not new information from outside. That they could do something to prevent pain was a revelation to them.

getting ready

We have had so much humidity of late that many of my clothes are musty and mildewy. Yuck. I need to air out the clothes and the closets. So here’s what: I HAVE clothes, and closets, and a roof over my head, and food on the table. And a table.


Last time I shared a Thanksgiving list I said twice that I was grateful that I could walk. A couple of people asked if I had had some kind of problem. I have always felt grateful that I could walk, believing that no matter how bad things got for whatever reasons, it could always be worse; as long as I could still walk, I was okay. The other answer to that is that every time I drive into town I pass multiple people who cannot walk. The lucky ones are in wheelchairs. Others have skateboards to sit on as they have no legs, or they are just kind of planted on the grassy place between the lanes of traffic, also with no legs. There are others who can walk but have no arms. It is all very Biblical. They are begging to survive. This is not a place where they could get jobs. Partly there is no ADA, but more, there are all too few jobs, even for those who can walk. I can walk, and I have work.

I miss my sister, and my mother, and my father. But I had them. And they gave me a lot. They still do. So do the families I still have, in both the US and Guatemala.


smiles Marta Andrea Melba 2010 600


Hilda Blanqui Juany 2010 600











This year the amazing Thrums Books (aka Linda Ligon) published Tere’s and my book Traditional Weavers of Guatemala – Their Stories, Their Lives. Everything about the book, from Day 1 more than three years ago, has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Talk about something to be grateful for!

DSC03634 - 1500



I’m literate. That is huge.




We are about to have a Thanksgiving Dinner for 20. If I were to be able to give one gift to Guatemala, not to mention the entire world, it would be the blessing of Thanksgiving. I’m doing my best, one dinner at a time.

TDay in the warehouse 2010 600

May yours be full of blessings, too.

As ever,




9 thoughts on “Why I Love Thanksgiving

  1. Well done as always Deb. In the face of so much suffering in the world I am grateful for so much health in my family, for walks in nature, for rain. Grateful especially for friendship and for time to enjoy the people and things I love .


  2. I’m thankful to walk too and to dance and to swim and to open my eyes each morning and experience life.  I am grateful to my freedom, my education, my family and friends, to all humanity and all of nature which is  so absolutely amazing to me.  I am blessed to have gotten to know you over these last few years and to help make a difference in a few women’s lives.Happy Thanksgiving.  May there be more peace and more love this coming year.  We need to know it can happen!  Irene SchmollerCotton Clouds, Inc.visit us online at http://www.cottonclouds.combecome a Cotton Clouds Facebook friendjoin our Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Club Facebook Group visit  our blog http://www.cottoncloudblog.wordpress.compin with us on Pinterest


  3. I will never forget our Thanksgiving celebration in Pana, complete with turkey (no thank you) and guisquil (more please). I am happy to be able to give thanks for the love and kindness of good friends like you and Tere, and Julio, and to know that there are people who work at making the world a better place helps bring light to the darkness! And at Thanksgiving dinner – make sure you have enough tortillas!

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  4. Hello Deborah, Mom forwarded this to me. Years ago I worked in a rehab hospital, where most people were in wheelchairs. I had heard people say (about many things) that they wished they’d appreciated it when they had it. I decided to remember to be grateful and appreciate the ability to walk in case I couldn’t some day. (That way I could miss it, but not regret having taken it for granted.) And I periodically stop and appreciate the ability to walk, see, taste, use my hands, etc. So it was nice to see that others also take time to remember how lucky they are. Happy Thanksgiving, every day! –Lynn Savitzky


  5. HI Deborah – I am so grateful for you and our friendship over many years. You live and love a life of service. I recall my time in Guatemala with you and Tere and so many of your wonderful friends, including Julio. Peri’s and my Thanksgiving was wonderful in its simplicity and honoring of friendships. I am thankful for friendships and how they continue to show me depths of love that only await the exploration and joy.


  6. Here in the U.S. we live amid such plenty and in such great pursuit of “things,” that we forget the real meaning of the holidays. My parents were married on Thanksgiving. It was my mother’s favorite holiday. Although my parents are gone, our family still celebrates with love and joy and fellowship. Thank you, Deb, for sharing your family with us.


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